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The Village Vets and Dr. Richard Liposky of Dental Specialists of America

This week, The Village Vets us in hour one to discuss pet safety during your spring and summer vacations. Then, in hour two, Dr. Richard Liposky of Dental Specialists of America will join to talk dentistry and oral surgery.
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APR 15, 2014

Understanding Endometriosis

As our guest this Sunday is Dr. Thomas Lyons of DeKalb Medical, I thought it fitting to discuss a condition the esteemed doctor specializes in: endometriosis. For a long time, women with endometrio


MAR 25, 2014

Talking with the Experts on the Affordable Care Act

On March 16, Dr. Jon Wollenzien of YourTown Health and Dr. Jason Hockenberry, a researcher at Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health, joined the Weekly Check-Up to discuss the Affordable Care Act a


MAR 5, 2014

5 Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones

If you’ve ever been plagued by a kidney stone, surely, you’ll never forget the excruciating pain that accompanies its passing. Kidney stones, which afflict millions of people each year, occur when


Wendy Lenz - Coffee Talk

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